• Poignant Possibilities, LLC

    Raquel and Darwin Kellicut


    As the saying goes,"There is an appointed time for everything, and there is a time for every event under heaven." In keeping with this adage, Raquel and Darwin Kellicut, the creators of this website and the business that it represents, are easing their way into retirement after 35 years of service in the field of professional counseling and clinical social work. As a result, since June 1, 2014, both have ceased all professional counseling activities. 

    Hereafter, if anyone needs information from their records, that information will remain available for many years beyond one's last date of service, as will e-mail addresses by which we can be reached. Postal mail may be sent to P.O. Box 597, Bayview, Idaho. The e-mail addresses will be as they are now:


    Darwin@poignantcounseling.com and Raquel@poignantcounseling.com.  

    We wish to enthusiastically thank all of the Medical Providers, Professional Colleagues, Clergy, Insurance Companies, and EAP Programs who have expressed their appreciation and confidence in our work by making referrals to us over the years. As a result, we have had very satisfying and rewarding careers, and have enjoyed our service to others.

    Most importantly, we wish to thank the many, many Clients that we have served over the years. You have challenged us, taught us many things, put your faith in our knowledge and skills, shared your struggles and sorrows, amazed us with your triumphs and achievements, and demonstrated to us how motivated people can transform their lives in marvelous ways! We feel truly honored to have been allowed to share in some of the most intimate details of your lives. We wish you continued success, peace, health, and happiness as we all journey on.

    With much appreciation and thanks to you all,

    Raquel Kellicut, MA, LCPC
    Darwin Kellicut, MSW, LCSW